Does an editor need a Pinterest account?

I’ve been thinking about starting a Pinterest account for my business, but have hesitated. First of all, everyone’s doing it, and I didn’t want to do it just to say I’m doing it. I thought it would be a hard sell because, though I work in a visual medium and collaborate with designers, stylists, and photographers regularly, my work (editing, writing and project management) isn’t visual. (Full disclosure: I have a personal Pinterest account, and love using it when I can find the time.)

This video, from gives some great ideas for non-visuals looking to get into Pinterest.

I’ve experienced visual success lately, even if on a small scale. I post industry-related content regularly to my facebook page and get a modest number of views. When I posted pictures of a DIY project (it had a direct connection to a story I was writing) views for that post doubled. That, coupled with the ideas in this video, have caused me to reconsider creating a Pinterest account for my little growing business.

But what would I post? I’ve started thinking about creating mood boards for stories I’m writing or special sections I’m managing. Another thought: creating pinboards for each of my projects that help readers (and me) understand the brands I work with. Finally, simply posting inspiration boards might work well for me.

Is this video helpful to you? Have you thought about leveraging Pinterest to help engage your business community?

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