Beautiful, Useful, True, Unique and Lasting

As a writer and editor, my mission is to help publications, and sometimes companies, tell stories that last.

The stories also have to be beautiful, useful and true.

In this video by the Content Marketing Institute, Robert Rose discusses two other requirements for telling stories for companies or brands.

1. They must be unique. Focus on what makes you different, he says, not just incrementally better.

2. Zoom out. Rose asks, “How are you going to tell a story one month, two months, seven months or a year from now?” Building an editorial calendar and structuring a year on a theme, he says, gives the brand both longevity and structure.

Though all problems can’t be solved with a spreadsheet, I’m of the firm belief that the solution to many of them can start there. I’m excited to open excel this morning and take on 2013 for my client. Short video. Enjoy the takeaways.

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