A Perfect 100: New Ink on Paper Magazine Launches Continue On the Rise…

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Mr. Magazine

After a very healthy September, October witnessed the arrival of an even 100 new magazine titles on the nation’s newsstands. One quarter (25 titles) of the new magazines were published with an intended frequency while the remaining three quarters of the October crop (75 titles) were either annual publications or specials and book-a-zines. The October numbers are only one magazine lower than that of September.

Two notable magazines were published as a result of the crowd sourcing fundraising “platform for creative projects” site “Kickstarter:” Howler and Tomorrow. Both are but two examples how technology is used to enhance the power of print. Publishing is believing and believing is the first step to creativity.

Take a look at some of the new magazine launches below and be sure to visit the Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor to see each and every one of those magazines.

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