Solar Simplified: Out Now!

11-12 HHR HEC_singles_LR

I just returned from a trip to Hanford, CA for Red Barn Media Group, on a visit to Lakeside Dairy.  I’m writing the story for FarmLife magazine. Lakeside is one of the country’s largest dairy farms powered almost completely by solar energy (check out the photos here).

I’ve written on solar technology for the past few years on the residential side, so it was fun to see a large-scale commercial operation in action.

My mind is also in the right place. I have some momentum, thanks to “Solar Simplified,” a piece I wrote recently for Hawaii Home + Remodeling magazine. It just hit newsstands in Hawaii and will be available on digital edition soon (I’ll check back with an update).

The piece, which was produced for Hawaii Energy Connection, highlights the benefits of residential solar in the Aloha State, thanks to generous state and federal tax credits (the state tax credits may be eliminated soon, sadly). However, with Hawaii’s pressing energy needs and the growing cost of electricity, a good PV system backed by a solid finance plan is still the best option for Hawaii homeowners. Find out why in the guide.

The mag looks great thanks to fantastic illustrations by the one and only Marcos Chin, awesome design by Hawaii Home + Remodeling art director Kristin Lipmann and photography by Elyse Butler. So proud of this custom work. Hope you enjoy it too!

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