Little Champs: Military Spouse Magazine

Child advocate Debbie Fink, of Harmony Hearth LLC, has written an awesome book celebrating CHAMPS: Child Heroes Attached to Military Personnel. I was so excited to profile her and her efforts in the March issue of Military Spouse magazine. The book tells the story of a few brave military children who overcome some of the toughest challenges military kids can face (think: deployment, an injured parent or moving and establishing a new life in a new school and town).

In the Military Spouse story, Fink gives parents some great tips on how to support and celebrate the military children in their homes, classes and communities.


Fink has partnered with the USO and a bunch of other fantastic organizations whose collective goal is to get the book in the hands of as many CHAMPS as possible this year. Read more about those efforts here. Thanks, Debbie, for spending time with me for this story. And thanks to the USO for the tip!


4 thoughts on “Little Champs: Military Spouse Magazine

  1. It was a joy and an honor to work with you, Sabra! You’re a gifted writer and a compassionate person. As I like to say, “The power of the pen is stronger than the strongest of women and men!” Thank you for using your [electronic] pen to speak out on behalf of our nation’s champs – child heroes attached to military personnel. a special shout out also goes to military spouse magazine for running it, and to the USO for tipping you off. We all have our part to play. go sabra! go champs!

  2. Thanks, sabra, for introducing us to debbie’s champs. we have champs in our family & these are great ideas for affirming them.

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