Monthly Aloha

I haven’t posted much in the way of current projects lately. That’s probably because I’ve been working on them, which is just fine by me. But I do have a backlog of updates to share, so why not start today?

On Friday, I talked a bit about Keystone Clients, those important clients that provide regular, consistent project opportunities. One of mine is the fantastic editor of Honolulu Family magazine.

This year, I’ve started putting together the Honolulu Family monthly activities calendar for parents and kids. It’s in visual calendar format with one suggested activity per day. Talk about an exercise in concise writing! Every blurb has to come in at 25 words or less, enough space to fit into a calendar square.
HF April 13 Calendar

The idea is that young families in the Honolulu area should never be without something fun, educational and, whenever possible, low-cost to do. I don’t have kids, but working on this project makes me want to raise a young family in the Aloha State. Where else (besides maybe NYC) can your child learn Hula, Capoeira, Taiko drumming, surfing, paddling and Akido martial arts and celebrate Lei Day, Girls Day and Boys Day and more … all in one place?

Hawaii is such a culturally rich place to grow up and I hope this calendar makes it fun and exciting, too. I love the downloadable format and I also love the clean, bright design developed by Warren Daubert of Pacific Basin Communications and Humanhand design consultancy.

In addition to this calendar, I’m working on a story for Honolulu Family, out this fall, on the ten healthiest superfoods for growing keiki. (That means “kid” or “child” in Hawaiian. Don’t you just love it?) So stay tuned for that.

Happy Aloha Monday!

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