In a May State of Mind

I just spent the last few days transcribing a lot, creating a lot and talking a lot. So I’m not surprised that today I woke up in need of some introversion.

So I’m shifting out of  super-verbal output mode and into intake mode. And when I do that, I find that the best therapy is sifting through old photos. This morning, I came across some shots I took around this time last year, when spring seemed ready any second to burst into summer. This spring has proven a bit more shy than last, but my window box daisies have finally announced that it’s fully present. So here’s to spring, sitting quietly and taking it all in.

Happy weekend!

IMG_0557 IMG_0471 IMG_3221 IMG_0495 IMG_0551 IMG_0556

2 thoughts on “In a May State of Mind

  1. Our gardens are getting ready to burst into full bloom. We’ve had lovely lilacs, wigelia, and spring flowers but now the roses, clematis and dianthus are ready to explode into color. I love spring!!

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