It’s Query Season!

Magazine editors are hard at work this summer creating their editorial calendars for 2014. That means it’s query season for freelance writers like me.

I’m hard at work looking for new story ideas and learning so much about formal querying (pitching) in the process. No joke here. I personally love this part of the biz.

I plan on dishing on some of the tips I’ve picked up so far later this week. But for now, I want to share an awesome resource I came across just a few days ago.

It’s called “The Renegade Writer: Living and Loving the Freelance Life,” a fantastic and expertly targeted blog run by freelance veterans Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell. On the blog, seasoned writers discuss how to research, write and pitch query letters to target clients and give tons of relevant advice for creating and maintaining a successful freelance-writing career. I rarely come across freelance-writing blogs that are totally devoted to being a freelance writer (rather than focusing some of their attention on “how to make money online” or other semi-related topics) so I was thrilled to find this one.

I don’t get paid to endorse anything, so this is really just me appealing to you from my little home office on the third floor of my house. Check out this blog! You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and one side note: About a year ago, I began working on a query for Virginia Living magazine on the modern appeal of the old-fashioned soda fountain. Here’s the result, just recently published.

Have a great week!

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