Working Lunch: Melon Water and Cabbage Citrus Salad


Well, hi, there!

It’s been a while. I hope you had a wonderful, fantastic, love and laugher-filled holiday season. I certainly did.

Many of us started back up with work this week after a long holiday break, which may or may not have included more indulgence than usual. I, for one, am living the cliche, and I’m OK admitting it: After weeks of treats, heavy meals and skimping on sleep, I’m craving rejuvenation, regeneration, strength and a return to overall wellness.

I haven’t exercised in a while, so part of my weekend plan is to start a new workout routine. I’m headed to a local Crossfit gym this Sunday to see how it fits. I’m hoping the strengthening exercises will be just what I need to get my body in top practical shape for a 7-week backpacking trip in South America I’ll be taking with Jason later this spring. (More on that in the weeks ahead.)

I’m also attempting to pack as many anti-inflammatory veggies and fruits as I can into my meals in the next few weeks. So, in the spirit of starting new things, and buying right into another popular social media cliche, I’m bringing you a new semi-regular post, starting this week. It’s called Working Lunch, and it’s a picture of … you guessed it … what I had for lunch.

But stick with me, here, because I have a real reason for doing this: We’ve heard for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. OK, that’s true. But for me, lunch is equally important, especially on work days. If I eat a heavy lunch, I’m dead in the water by 1p.m. My brain slows down, my energy level dips and my productivity drops. For me, healthy lunches are essential to a productive work day, and I want to share my healthiest midday-meal ideas with you. (I want you to be productive, too!)

Sometimes they’ll be links to others’ recipes, and sometimes they’ll be of my own creation. But they’ll always include lots of healthy choices.

So enjoy this week’s Working Lunch, from Dr. Oz’s holiday detox plan. The colors alone will brighten an otherwise dreary, wintery day. I drizzled my cabbage salad with a little premium olive oil and balsamic vinegar from nearby Olio, one of my new favorite King St. boutiques (they ship!) and trust me, the Melon Water recipe sounds weird, but you must give it a try. It’s delicious, totally refreshing and a great way to hydrate, especially for folks like me that don’t enjoy downing plain water all day. Since I first tried it, it has become my favorite sipping concoction. I make a blender-full every couple of days so it’s always at the ready in a pitcher in my fridge.

Oh, and let me know how you like the new blog design. Barring a few tiny stylesheet issues that will be fixed next week, it’s about finished.

Happy New Year! All the best of health to you and yours.

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