You put it out there and no one responded. Now what?


Alright, friends, I’m on deadline this week, which means I haven’t had the time to craft a thoughtful post for you.

But I do have a treat. Check out this video from the always-fantastic and magnetic Marie Forleo. (Who does her hair, btw? Girlfriend is looking amazing!)

If you read this blog often and frequent my Facebook and Twitter feeds, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Marie’s work, especially these wonderful Q&A Tuesday videos.

This one is no exception, and it deals with something I’m struggling with right now: radio silence.

I must admit, I have reached out to more than one potential client or contact in the past week and so far have heard nothing back. While receiving no response can sometimes be discouraging, Marie explains in this video why it’s less of a big deal than you think. Then, she makes some suggestions on how to follow up effectively.

I’ve learned that a good follow-up call or email can mean the difference between securing a freelance contract and not securing one, so I loved this video’s message.

Take it to heart (but don’t take it personally, as Marie says).

Have a fabulous Thursday, and I’ll be back with some, ahem, original content next week.

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