Greetings from my air mattress.


We up and did it!

It’s been quite the summer, what with my husband’s move to the West Coast in June (to start a new job) and my move last week, but I’m happy to report that my groom, both dogs and I are finally all back under the same sun-soaked roof in beautiful San Juan Capistrano, California.

The relocation has been slightly crazy, as most are. For starters, my old Honda, affectionately named Dirty Hairy, bit the dust somewhere outside Springfield, MO on the cross-country drive. The repairs were so extensive we had to junk the car and buy a new one on the spot. Upon arrival, there have been the usual tasks: setting up with what little stuff we have (for now), obtaining appliances and other large essentials, a multitude of big-box store runs and a couple of DMV trips. We’re not done yet: The bulk of our furniture and household goods is on a truck somewhere between Northern Virginia and Cali.

In fact, I’m writing to you from the only soft surface in our home right now: an air mattress.

In lieu of a chair and desk, it’s my current pop-up office space. Mentally, though, we’re all starting to settle in.

I’m telling you this because I made a promise two weeks ago to start on a series on the freelance sales process. And I haven’t delivered. I might have been too ambitious in thinking that, in between moving across the country and setting up house, I could write several thoughtful, helpful posts. Sorry about that.

With my feet firmly on California ground (Or, should we say, in the sand?) I’m ready to deliver on my promise. So, starting next week, I’ll begin with a piece on prospecting.

Until then, have you picked up your copy of The Wealthy Freelancer? As I’ve mentioned before, the book taught me almost everything I know about how to develop an effective client-prospecting program. That should get you going.

Yesterday, after 10 days in our new place, Jason, the dogs and I finally made it to the beach for a bit. This great spot, Doheny State Beach and Dana Point Harbor, is just down the road. I think I’m gonna need a paddle board.



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