Crushing On: Aromatherapy

Photo: Lemonade,

Photo: Lemonade,

I’m studying for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) right now and part of my preparation involves looking up the meaning of a lot of vocabulary words. That got me thinking about the definition of “aromatherapy,” a term that gets bantered about a lot. The word “therapy,” as defined by Merriam-Webster, means “treatment of physical or mental illnesses.” Add the word “aroma,” and I guess we’re talking about treatment of physical or mental illness through smell.

I’m not sure if scent can actually treat illness. But I do know that scent has a profound effect on how I feel.

Some fragrances (interestingly the smell of most fabric softeners as well as most commercial cleaning products, for example) really rub my ‘ole olfactory system the wrong way. Others, such as the crisp, naturally derived scents of lemon, eucalyptus, or lavender have the ability to make me feel relaxed, rejuvenated and just … well, happy in my space.

In the past few years, I’ve developed a little collection of can’t-live-without scented items, a few of which have proven awesome for quick at-work pick-me-ups. I’ve already written about my favorite all-purpose scented wipe. Here are the other two smell-good things I swear by at work:

 Essential Oils

Photo: Courtesy of Aura Cacia

Photo: Courtesy of Aura Cacia

I love the aromas essential oils provide. They’re called essential oils, by the way, not because they’re essential to life (how melodramatic!), but because they contain the true essence, the real scent, of the plant from which they’re derived and nothing artificial.

A tiny drop of any essential oil goes a long way, which is good news since most of these highly concentrated potions come in itty-bitty bottles. Essential oils can be used to scent natural cleaning products or personal care items. But my favorite way to use them is to dab a drop or two of lavender, lemon, orange or eucalyptus on my wrists when I’m feeling tired or stressed. The oils lift my mood or relax me, depending on which scent I reach for. Best of all, they’re 100-percent natural, so no icky chemicals on my skin, thankyouverymuch.

 P.S.: There are several trustworthy brands of essential oils out there (I buy the Aura Cacia brand at Whole Foods), but if the price is too good to be true, the oil probably is, too. If you’ve ever picked up a tiny bottle of essential oil and wondered why they’re so expensive, this article provides a great explanation / justification.

 A Naturally Scented Candle


One of the many perks that come with working from home is the fact that I can burn a scented candle on my desktop. But as I mentioned earlier, I find most artificially derived scents pretty aggravating. As an alternative, I buy Izola’s lavender scented candle, which is made from 100 percent vegetable wax and relies on natural fragrance, and fire it up when I get that 2:30 feeling. I’ve already (forgive it) burned through two. I’m now on my third, and I absolutely adore the way it fills my office with subtle, feel-good scent, just when my motivation begins to flag. I doubt I’ll depart from my favorite fragrance any time soon, but I’m encouraged to know there’s a variety of non-cloying scents available (Elderflower and Sandalwood come to mind) should I ever change my mind. Again, here, I have to acknowledge the price ($35 a pop), which is pretty steep for a candle, I admit. But each one burns for 60 hours and the fragrances are all-natural, so it’s worth it for me. (And it’s cheaper than perking up with a 2:30 latte.)

What picks you up when you’re feeling low or slow at work? Does scent help?

Tell me your tricks in the comments.